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Welcome to the PLVRS, a multidimensional cartoon web series bringing awareness to decentralized protocols.


PLVRS Genesis-Era NFTs

Genesis-Era Story Set

The Genesis-Era Story Set NFTs are rare collectibles. Their first owners will be eligible for Pelenia Early Adopter badges and the incentives they offer in the Pelenia ecosystem.

Genesis-Era PLVRS Pilot Set

The PLVRS will be a crowdsourced and NFT-powered project. Most funds raised in this category are allocated towards the pre-production of the pilot episode of this cartoon web series.

Genesis-Era Character Collections

Holding PLVRS NFTs gives you different opportunities to participate in the web series, play voices, help write episode stories, get producer credits, choose sponsors, join special promotional events, and more.

Genesis-Era Character Teams

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Character Teams will be used to group together community members of the Pelenia and gamify different elements of the interactive PLVRS. Some characters may be drawn at random to participate as extras in an episode (like the Sorting Hat in Harry Potter), and others could be formulated using the Storytelling Guide.

PLVRS Prototype Collection

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Get your hands on these limited edition mockups of PLVRS characters illustrated by acclaimed artist Ro Dion. All proceeds go to him.

HODLy the Happy Content Creator

by Ro Dion

1/1 sold



Baby Big Tube (Guardian)

by Ro Dion

1 available

Planet Big Tube Beta

by Ro Dion

1 available

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